Currently renovating

End of the year is coming soon and I wonder what 2006 will bring. Thinking about what I did in 2005, I made some progress with college, worked with UCF on both SCINET and FINDER projects, and helped friends and family endlessly. The Developers Club is keeping me on my toes, I’m going to have to be consistant and keep pushing forward with all those obstacles I foresee. During the winter break, I switched major from Computer Science to Information Technology so I can get through college with no more hurdles. I’m confident my experience will makeup the differences from switching majors.

So what’s in it for 2006? I only know that in Spring I will be putting myself on “Lockdown Mode” until I’m satisfied. Here is my list: Schooling, Working, Motivating Creative Crew, Saving Money for Motorcycle, and Spending Time with very few Selected Friends of Many.