Back to school and it never ends

Winter break was good. I was part of the groom in my Godsister’s wedding. I have no pictures to show, hopefully soon. We partied and danced after the ceremony, shaky our booties and doing that latin dance I crave about all the time.

I learned a lot and made progress here and there. My short one week trip down in Miami was quick. I spent most of my time in Orlando doing what interest me. I worked many hours with UCF and Seminole Country Government on their SCINET project. And on my spare time that I get, I escape from my busy world to do what I miss from life.

On my last day of winter break, I got a free pool table from my neighbor. Before we move the pool table in, we had to clear out most of the junk in the garage. I cannot believe how much stuff my tenants have, triple what I have. I just hope the garbage people pick it all up on the side of street. We are going to have to level the pool table soon so we can start playing it.