Everyday like any other day

I finish with my midterm exams the past two weeks, crazy! My sleeping schedule is all screw up. I sleep through the afternoon and stay awake from evening to morning next day. Terrible. It’s getting a little better, maybe. I’m back doing what I do everday like any other day: school, idle, work, eat, sleep, idle, work, work, eat, sleep, idle, work.

I feel like breaking-free from this repetitive weekdays. I’m glad we have weekends, but ain’t enough sometimes. Every couple days I think about, with my creative mind, of many fun interesting things to do. Of course, it’s going to be involve with money, days-off, and a partner.

For Spring Break, not much to say, it’s going to be the same as last week. Replace school with more work. Work consist of my UCF-Seminole County Government job and pushing production for Creative Crew. I enjoy what I do and it is beneficial greatly. But, I want to take a break or do something else (adding complexity to my schedule). Spring semester is half done, so I’m already planning to do something with myself. Either to become a professional 1-on-1 latin dancer or get a realtor license. We will see.