Fast track to game development

I spent many days buckling down and getting things done. Rest assure I do what I say, even though it’s not always on time, least it gets done. As a developer and a leader, it’s tough for many people to face the unknown because their lives was full of instructions or guidance, spoon feed to them. When I started putting myself through those days of programming and developing art for the game engine, I had to create something from nothing. But, it does not mean reinventing the wheel again. A lot of time spent researching just to find one command to do what you want it to do. It seems I’m at the forefront, on the edge, breaking the ice, to establish a foundation for everybody else to “easily” start from. I accept the challenge. I guess, leaders can’t make leaders sometimes.

It was a good experience putting myself on a fast-track to game development. I was learning the Ogre rendering engine and got myself back into C++ programming language (using fun pointer syntax and doing header files). I didn’t stop there, I integrated another great feature to the game engine, Newton physics engine, helping the game do collision detection seamlessly and more. So, I finished creating a base class to work with everything, next, I have to test it against real cases. So, I have to learn a major 3D graphic tool, Autodesk Maya. Again, researching more, watching video tutorials, and playing with the tool to start creating art. After all that, the game engine works against the real cases.

I’ll continue developing as much spare time I have. Leading myself and everyone else to follow, we will get to the finish line together.