Website back to normal

Sorry for the long delay of irregularities. The website moved into a newer and better web server, based somewhere in Texas. My Ftp, MySql, and Email was all inaccessible after the move. Well, thanks to my friend, TomServo, this website is live again and my email too.

During the downtime, I was busy doing my school (UCF), work (Microsoft ASP.NET), and Creative Crew (Management and Programming C++). I spent most of my time flipping between work and club. As of right now, I’m doing my club project, programming as much I can in my spare time until I feel I hit a milestone on this game engine. I’ve been integrating different parts of the engine to help speed up the development, which include Ogre (Graphics), OIS (Input), NxOgre (Physics), and OpenAL (Audio). I hope I’ll get it done end of this month.