Commencing myself as architect

I’m happy I made the right choice as Software Development Engineer. The years of curiosity, creativity, and practice in my profession finally caught up to my expectations. And, I finally see myself as an architect, the creator or inventor, of applications.

The tools to produce and company start-up costs are inexpensive nowadays thanks to open source technologies and the Internet, you can cut out the middleman for product and service distribution. When developing applications for the Internet, personal computers, and smartphones you will find endless opportunities if you just open your eyes to creativity. There is nothing stopping from producing something from an idea to a product or service, but keeping yourself consistent with perseverance.

I find that a lot of people around me don’t see what I see, there are a lot of opportunities being an application developer. They seem to be all caught up with social activities and stopped innovating themselves to be lazy and too comfortable with their repetitive routines.

Ultimately, my number one passion is not about getting rich, but to see my ideas help make people’s lives better. That is my secret that drive me forward and I feel it is a key of success and getting rich is just an undisclosed perk that comes with the package.